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I've had an idea for a website during the Euros 2020 football.
A lot of my friends bet/gamble… most times, if they place a few different bets on the same ticket, it's probable that one of those bets don't come in. Say 5 out of 6 were correct, it's always let down by 1 or 2 stipulations.
A lot of my friends then ask, "I wonder how much I would have won if that came in?"
I would like to create a website, using Bet365's API – to retroactively input the actual result of what came in, and it then show you how much you could have won.
I hope that makes sense? It appears that Bet365 do have an API available. And I would need you to design the website too.
Posted On: August 05, 2021 16:41 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, Web Design, Website Development

Country: United Kingdom

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