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I am looking for someone with proven experience with Amazon API development that will take this project from end to end and deliver the following:
Deliver a C# .NET code that implements the “Amazon Product Advertising” API 5.0
Develop C# project that implements API calls in the “Amazon Product Advertising” API 5.0
Amazon provides APIs in different programming languages but not in C# .NET:
I need to develop a C# .NET code I will be able to use in my Windows Form App written in C# that will allow me to use the following Amazon Product Advertising API calls:
– SearchItems:
– GetItems
– GetVariations
– GetBrowseNodes
This code delivery should include a C# .NET visual studio demo project that demonstrates the calls to these APIs and print the response they return.
The demo should present very similar functionality the amazon API scratchpad tool does:
The provided code example should demonstrate a products search for amazon products with and without variations and print the API response so it will be easy to visually see the search and the returned results are done properly.
The work will be considered as completed and the payment will be made after the following is completed:
1) the demo project works
1) I get the source code for the C# project
3) I will test the APIs code and keys of this account for a few days to ensure that I am using the API properly and don’t see any problems.
If you believe you can deliver the above requirements, I will be glad to move forward.
In order not to waste your and my time, please apply only if you have experience in this area and can deliver the described requirements.
Thank you
Budget: $850

Posted On: August 17, 2021 20:04 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:Amazon Web Services, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon, Amazon API Gateway

Country: Israel

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