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Looking for a dev to build a metaverse on bsc blockchain that will be upgraded over time to add more features. This is what we need below. Is this something you can do?
1. The game will start with the purchase of a plot on land within our metaverse and their purchases land must be displayed in the game on the main dashboard (with prices and plot sizes)
2. The game will have 8 different type of characters (avatars) which the player can choose from to use in the game
3 The player should register with their email address and create a username and password to be used in the game, they should also be able to set up 2 factor authentication
4. On login, players will be presented with the option to connect their bsc wallet to the game server. If they don't have a plot, entry is $2 which goes straight to the liquidity poil
5. Players must be able to move arround the metaverse
6. Plot owners start with a small pick axe and can upgrade their tools at the metaverse shop.
Players can upgrade their mining characters by purchasing eqipment ( boots/belts /helmets/gloves /shovel /etc which means they mine faster All funds from the shop go straight to the liquidity pool
7. Based on the upgrade players collects xp and reach the next level of the character, which allows mining speed to increase which allows the rewards to increase
8. Players can sell or rent their plot to other players
9. The game central point must be a trade station where all the mined tokens can be swapped (other places will be added during phase 2)
Trade station – players can sell their plots
Playesr can rent their plots at the trade station – must be purchased ticket valid for 24 hours -80 % of ticket price goes to the plot owner 20% to the liquidity pool
10. The game must have its own wallet which will have 150t of marvel tokens which will receive the BNB reflection and will add bnb rewards to liquidity pool
11. Trade station – should also work as market place where people can sell/buy their NFTs /commision to the game liquidity pool. All invetroty purchased 100% to the liquidity pool .(Functionality to alspnmale trade station an auction house for NFT's like open seas)
12. The game must have a trigger where people can choose a diamond plot to mine with high ticket price and the possibility they can loose all fees to the game lp pool
13. Chat function between players
14. COMING SOON PHASE 2 section explaining that (mini games for gambling, arcade games) will be added to the metaverse
Budget: $10,000

Posted On: August 18, 2021 17:36 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Design, Website Development, HTML, JavaScript

Country: Nigeria

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