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We are a Food Supplement MLM company with 4 years expereicne. We are looking for some small improvement of our software, as described above:
1) Additions to the compensation plan:
Currently our compensation plan includes a Welcome Bonus. Each time a new affiliate purchases a Welcome Pack during the first 35 days of their membership, their sponsor earns a Welcome Bonus of € 40. If the new affiliate (level 1 of the sponsor) himself sponsors a new affiliate (level 2 of the sponsor) who in turn purchases a Welcome pack, the level 1 affiliate and the sponsor each receive 40 €.
A new affiliate can start without purchasing a Welcome Pack.
 What we want to change
o We want to add 2 Welcome Packs:
– The “Discovery Welcome Pack”, which will operate on the same principle as the Welcome pack, and will still allow a Welcome Bonus on 2 levels, of € 20 (configurable amount) instead of € 40
– The “Welcome Pack Pro”, which will work on the same principle as the Welcome pack, and will still allow a Welcome Bonus on 2 levels, of € 80 (configurable amount) instead of € 40
2) Modification of the conditions for registering a new affiliate
Currently to access affiliate status and related benefits (preferred rates and the ability to build a team of affiliates and generate the resulting income, depending on the compensation plan), all you have to do is to place an order of freely chosen products, provided that these products have a minimum value of 50 VP. The purchase of a Welcome Pack is therefore optional.
 What we want to change
o We want each new affiliate to have the choice between
1- Pay a fixed registration fee of € 47 (configurable amount)
2- Indicate in a form (connected to a base in an autoresponder) which will include the identifier of his sponsor, his first name and last name AND the first name, last name, email address and mobile phone number of 3 people who might be interested in LIFE for You.
 The email addresses provided must be unique in our database
 Mobile phone numbers must be unique in our database.
o We want each new affiliate to be obliged to order at least one of the 3 Welcome Packs offered at the time of their first order.
3) Differentiation of the offer between the Opencart e-store of affiliates and that of consumers
Currently, as soon as we add an item to the Opencart Affiliate store, that item is immediately offered in the Opencart consumer store. This is a problem because some articles (like sales aids or some promotions) are only relevant to affiliates.
 What we want to change
o List of available items: we want to be able to add or remove items from the Opencart "consumer" store so that the offer to consumers can be different from that offered to affiliates.
o Participation in logistics costs: We would like to be able to request a participation in logistics costs that is different for each store: affiliates or consumers.
Thank you for your attention.
Budget: $600

Posted On: August 19, 2021 13:54 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:PHP, Website Development, HTML

Country: Andorra

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