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Hello, I am hiring a designer/ developer to first create wireframes and then develop the IOS and Android App. I will be starting a finance app that curates assets (stocks and listings) to users. Essentially users will register for the app and select topics they are interested in (For Example Technology, Stocks, Finance). The main screen is the feed which will show the users stocks or strategies based on their interest.
The data we will be using is from TradingView. Below I have included reference images and information for what each screenshot represents.
Feed: Each time you open the app, the app will show you a new asset curated to you based on what topics you like, people they follow, and articles they've read for them to look at, for example, Facebook. When you scroll up slightly you will see the entire bio of the company (Overview Stock Price, Financial Statement).
Feed [Secondary]: Scroll up from the bottom to top diagonally on a company profile page and you will see the latest updates of news and articles on that particular company. This will also have ads and affiliate offers mixed between so you can
Explore: Explore page is where you will be able to scroll through different topics, people, to follow or rea
Posted On: August 20, 2021 17:30 UTC
Category: UX/UI Design
Skills:Wireframes, Mockup, Mobile App Design, Prototype, Sketches, User Flows, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, iOS, Android, Interaction Design, sketch app

Country: Canada

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