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I run an NFT Project that operates on the Cardano blockchain.
We are an NFT Trading Card Collectible Series with 10 new Monster Cards / Characters that release every 60 days. We're looking for someone to design a game where:
– we have an ios / android app / web app (no standalone pc app needed)
– it incorporates our current characters, with the ability to add more characters in the future
– the game would need to be able to connect to the user’s Cardano wallet as to detect all NFTs (translating to Characters) in the wallet of the user
– we want there to be 3 main elements to the game / app. 1) a section that is a "virtual 3d artroom" where the user can view virtual canvasses of all of their NFTs. 2) an arcade section where the user can “gamble” our on chain token to try to win more (with ratios in place to ensure profits) and 3) the game element itself
– each character has individual statistics so that they can fight each other in real-time, but the statistics should also bare in mind some kind of specialty / additional strengths / defenses for higher-tier characters (cards are currently ranked by order of Rarity from Common all the way to LEGENDARY)
– The game should have the ability to recognize our on-chain token (CardanoMonsters Coins) in the user's wallet
– The game would essentially be where a player could choose 3 of their cards that they own to battle against 3 that the opponent has selected
– a player should only be able to play if they have at least 1 CardanoMonsters NFT in their wallet and will be forced to surrender either their lowest ranked Card / Character OR an amount of CardanoMonsters Coins (proportionate to their lowest ranked card) to the opponent
– Could also be an option / timeout where if both parties agree, they could re-match. A second loss in a row would then lose the player's 2nd card to the opponent.
– Ideally while much of the fight / interaction would be based on background statistics of the characters, would love to have a component in there where the user also has some live input during the battle. Essentially looking for it to not only be reliant on stats, otherwise anyone with a higher-ranked card will always win, should be a way to balance this out.
Hourly Range: $20.00-$45.00

Posted On: August 21, 2021 14:37 UTC
Category: Game Development
Skills:iOS, Blockchain, Blockchain Architecture, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, DApps, Android App Development

Country: Canada

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