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Hello there,
I need to track my sales between the shopify platform and voluum. I had previously configured it, but the problem I have is that there are many sales that are lost (voluum does not track them).
I contacted voluum customer service to solve this problem and they have answered the following:

…Please remember that Shopify supports Pixel conversion tracking which is cookie-based which means that if the visitor clears the cookies or the cookies are blocked by the browser the conversion can be simply lost.
To make sure that the tracking will not be blocked due to 3rd party cookies the best option is to create a subdomain that is based on the offer's domain which can be treated as a 1st party domain
When it comes to the tracking domain and relying on 1st party cookies – in the case of the funnel with lander + offer, it is a bit different. The click takes place on the lander page and this is where the Click ID is generated and saved in cookies. So to avoid 3rd party cookies blockade in Safari (and iOS in general), you need to create a subdomain based on your Lander domain not an Offer in this case (offer can be in a different domain, it is no problem).
That is not all – the Thank You page (or Checkout page in case of Shopify I guess) domain needs to be also the same as the Landing page domain – it is because this is where the Conversion Pixel is fired. If it will be in a different domain than the TY page, it can be also blocked (as it will be considered as a 3rd party).
So for example, this is how it goes:
Landing page URL: https://xyz.com/lander
Offer page URL: https: ///abc.com
TY page (where Conversion Pixel is added): https://xyz.com/thankyou
Your tracking domain: track.xyz.com (used in Campaign URL, Click URLs, Conversion Pixel URL – tracking URLs in general)
I'm not sure if it will be possible to do it in case of Shopify offers? Probably, the lander domain and TY page domain will not be the same, am I right?
If that is the case, I would recommend you to use tracking subdomain based on the Lander domain and test it to see if conversion lost is lower but as far as I know, the TY page domain maybe still a blocker here.
Having said that, the work I need from you is the following: Configure the system to be able to pass all sales to voluum and that they are not blocked due to third-party cookies. Is it possible to fix this problem in any way? Because based on the explanation that they give me in support it seems difficult, because I use a funnel (lander + offer), also the thank you page is different.
I am looking forward to your response
Thanks in advance
Posted On: August 23, 2021 11:19 UTC
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