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I am a long-time freelance web developer, and I need help scheduling my work. Before COVID I had two employees that I managed, but now it is just me again (and one online part-time contractor). Now that it is just me again, I am a bit overwhelmed with what needs to be done for the different clients.
I need help to balance my work, simplify the tasks, organize them in Clubhouse/Shortcut and other tools, and overall just help me run my work. Basically a support worker that can help me do the other stuff so I can focus on programming, and also to help me stay on track.
You do not need to do any sales, marketing, or client communication.
A good candidate will be able to do the above while being able to communicate in English at a fluent or very good level. Voice chat will be needed sometimes, but mostly it will be chat. Also, please add the word "helicopter" at the very top of your response so that I know you have read this entire description.
This is an ongoing part-time position. Early on though, as a single freelancer, I can't afford to gamble on higher paid assistants, but a good match will see their work responsibility increase as they prove their value, and so will their rate.
Thank you.
Hourly Range: $5.00-$10.00

Posted On: August 24, 2021 09:37 UTC
Category: Project Management
Skills:Budget Planning, Project Scheduling, Time Management, Virtual Assistant, Project Management, Data Entry, Project Planning, Communication Skills, Administrative Support

Country: Canada

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