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Im building a website for the last 3 months but as Im not an expert, and most of what I've done was made using templates, and plugins, I'm not sure if my website is promissory – talking about web development. I want it to look more professional, fast, in a way that – in the future – i just have to be concerned about writing content. I don't want to deal with any IT issues.
In this matter, I'm looking for someone who can look at my website, in a way that we can decide if we can optimize the existing one (thelifesty.com), or if we should build a new website for zero.
Im looking to have a trendy, responsive, and useful website to make a living out of it. I talk about fitness and nutrition, so I want to have a website that is good for SEO, in a way that I can monetize it soon – with ads, affiliate marketing and so.
I don't have any intentions to have e-commerce with this website, so I just need a beautiful and fast layout that relates to my brand identity. I want to be a reference in this nice in the next years.
Budget: $500

Posted On: August 25, 2021 12:32 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WordPress, Website Development, CSS, Web Design, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS3

Country: Ireland

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