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Need some react js expert who can add 2 forms in a page and a table and can reuse components to display text field and table.
I have an existing app which is developed but I need an react js and node js expert who can do changes in the existing app.
Front End changes are done for this task, need to give it a final touch by doing some Backend Node js code.
We will discuss this simple API backend steps for which most of the logic exist in the app.
1 – First section has email text box and invite button. here we invite new email to register with the Distributers (lineupapp, pagertec and iplp) app. so here should be one check like email entered should not be registered else we will show error. (You can use registeration validation to check if email is registered or not).
When user clicks on invite button in the first section and email is not yet registered. Send an email using template in this file – from the Git BackEnd/SQLService/Functions/Update/InviteUserEmail.js. and if email sent successfully. 2 db operation will happen when email is sent first –
A – Insert an entry in to User table (only distributerId, email and Id should be present at first).
B – Insert an entry in to affiliate table with userID as above id, email as above email in step A StatusType id as 1 (Refer StatusType table 1 means emailed). Purchase default value is 0. Until user does not buy any subscription this column cell value will be 0.
When emailed user clicks on link to register add encoding to send email id and autopopulate it in the register page. Email field will be disabled to edit. Once user register to the app. fetch the userId based on email and distributer ID. and place a check from the affiliate table as well that user statusType Id has to be emailed only. and update the row in the User table if that is true. (Note – User table row will update the emailed user only when status is Emailed or 1 in the affiliate table and user table has passoword field empty or null.) . Also on successful updation of user row. The affiliate table status becomes Registered for statusType column.
When this registered email (user) purchase any plan. need to update affiliate table columns statusType and Purchase with Purchased(3) and 10% of the purchased plan (.1 * messagecount).
IV) In steps (I), (II), (III) need to update the table that displayed in the 1st section whenever the value of status and Granted Reward updates.
Table columns looks like below –
Emails| Status | Reward Granted
Note — Each user will see only those affiliates, who are invited by them in the table above Affiliate Program Form.
2 – Second section is simple contact us form that need to be present in the bottom center of the page. When user enter email text and clicks on send button, email needs to be send to the email (
Budget: $55

Posted On: August 28, 2021 12:12 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:CSS, Styled Components

Country: India

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