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We need a simple admin panel to be built and integrated with Telegram API and Twillo API (for whatsapp messages) and Yandex translate API
Should be made in Django / Python or similar and ideally use Digital Ocean to host all things.
I suspect to work like this –
– Make admin panel – with this template I have –
– we can add a website to admin and copy the code for telegram / WhatsApp widgets to insert on the website so chat widget shows.
– The text shown in the widgets should detect the users browser language and show the correct language for the user.
– in admin, super users can add normal users and check which websites chats they can view / access (multiple). We need login page / change password etc
– when a user logs in to admin they can select if they are online / offline
– All chats are evenly distributed to each user (when online)
– when a chat comes to admin if not in English, it auto translates to English using yandex api (we can add many api key in admin as they are free with 5 mil character limit a month) and then when user types chat reply in english, when they hit reply it auto translates back to correct original customers language and sends to customer.
– if a website is assigned to users and no users are online, the chat widget shows on the website but says no one available and customer can add message and their email and submit, this message is then sent to X email for this site (can add email in admin for this website)
– In admin you will see in template there is chat page we can use. When a message comes in to admin from telegram / WhatsApp, ideally it should detect – which website the message came from, the users phone number, the users language, if we heard from them before and put new chat with previous chat.
Thats project, $200 work to start asap
Budget: $200

Posted On: August 28, 2021 00:47 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:Python, Django, API, Telegram API, WhatsApp, Yandex API, API Integration

Country: United Kingdom

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