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Seeking a talented web designer with the ability to turn my FIGMA DESIGN into a custom shopify website with 100% accuracy. Currently I only have the FIGMA design for the homepage, and I will be depending on you to model other websites in order to design the rest of the pages needed.
In total, this website will require this list of 12 pages. They are listed in order of importance of completion:
1. Homepage
2. Shop “All Categories” Page
3. 5 product pages
4. Free CBD Elixir Guide Landing Page
5. Blog Page
6. Video Gallery
7. Affiliate Marketing Page
8. About Us
As mentioned earlier, so far I have only completed the Figma Design for the homepage, and I expect this design to be turned into a custom shopify website with 100% accuracy. I am also open to suggestions for improvements if you have them:
You will be required to build the 5 product pages, and I would like you to model the product pages from the Rituals website:
I already have copy written and available for the product pages. We modeled the copy from the sight, and customized it to make it our own. I’m showing you the PRIMA website just for a reference of the copy. You are being asked to model the RITUALS website for the structure and layout.
Specific notes for the homepage design:
1. I would like to explore scroll effects and animations with you. For example, what animation would look great for the box that appears inside the lavender image (after the main banner).
2. As you scroll down my custom FIGMA homepage you will see that I made a design of black slate with black and white product bottles. When the website viewer hovers the mouse over the black and white bottles, I would like them to turn to color, and have a little information box pop up with their title.
3. Currently the testimony is just an example, and we need to insert and replace with custom testimonies.
4. The PRESS icons are black and white, but the job wasn’t done professionally. There are still some areas of white that need to be deleted in the Fox News and USA Today icons.
5. Under the “learn more about plants & culture” section, there is a magazine menu. This is super important! When someone clicks on that menu, the viewer should have new articles pop up. When someone clicks on “all stories” the viewer gets taken to the new blog page.
– The blog style itself was copied from
– The menu of the blog was copied from You can view the section under “get good at weed” as a reference for how this menu function should work.
6. We need a pop up confirming that the website visitor is over 21.
7. I’m having a custom CBD Elixir book made, currently the “book mockup” is just a placeholder.
8. Under the woman exercising with the sign “Forma” behind her, there is a section for us to display our videos from YouTube. Please show me available templates for video galleries that will work well for this section.
9. Please show me available templates for blogs that will work for our blog page.
I attempted to be as concise and specific as possible with all of my expectations here. Please show me samples of your work so that we can guarantee you can accomplish the task that has been set out. I had a very bad experience with another designer who seems to have wasted all of my time by realizing he could not accomplish this job. You can tell me if the work he has done helps or not.
Jonathan Keim
Hourly Range: $5.00-$10.00

Posted On: August 29, 2021 16:16 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Landing Page, Shopify, Web Design

Country: United States

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