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Design Briefing for revamp of the website of LC USA (
Ladies Circle USA is a community of women, who are seeking friendship and service. By coming together and dedicating time and resources to charity work and projects in their local community, Ladies Circle USA is a mission-driven group of impressive women in the U.S. Currently, the most active circle is New York City, but we are looking to add further cities across the U.S. as we grow. In order to attract more women to join our mission and community, we are redesigning and improving our website.
The current website is based on GoDaddy and needs a facelift. We would like to restructure the site to the following subdivisions:
Home Tab:
Large, engaging and fun visual
Clearly state our mission
What we offer: community, friendship and social impact projects
Call to Action to sign up to sign up for membership (“join now” and lead to questionnaire where they leave their details for us to reach out). Details to be specified.
Add quotes from existing members: E.g. (making this up)
“As one of the founding members of Ladies Circle USA I am proud to have built this community of inspiring and dedicated women in NYC.” – Ling Marquardt
Add COVID-19 response and rules of engagement (add two sentences)
Facebook, IG and LinkedIn icons with links
Upcoming events: State next three dates
Call to Action: Sign up here if you are interested to join the next meeting (link to info/PR email address)
Past events: Share short blurb and one pic of last three events
About Us:
Blurb about LC USA
Board LC USA with pictures and fun intros
Partners and supporters (any affiliates and partners) – should we ask for corporates to join our mission and support at some point?
Why join? Provide compelling blurb with membership fees and what’s included
Merch? I have a great supplier if we’re interested in sustainable sweaters and shirts. We could sell it for a small profit
Social impact:
Profile of top three charities/orgs we support
Section of site on the LCI Service Project
With picture and quote/interview with founder/CEO
Pictures of our ladies in action from past events
Maybe get involved in and add a rebuilding NY project? “Build back better” and we are part of it?
Mood Board:
Examples of what the structure and look and feel should be like, inspiration list:
Atlas Project
Employee and candidate feedback: Turning insights into… | Greenhouse
Budget and timeline:
We are constrained by our small budget of $400 for the entire project
We’d like to schedule a kick-off call by the end of August and have the website done by the end of September 2021
Budget: $400

Posted On: August 29, 2021 21:32 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Website Redesign, Very Small (1-9 employees), Startup, GoDaddy

Country: Canada

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