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Affiliate Dev

I am looking for someone with proven experience with Walmart affiliate websites & Walmart API development that will take this project from end to end and.
Phase 1
Develop a Walmart affiliate website and Successfully join and pass the "Walmart affiliate program" and get approved by Walmart as an affiliate.
The website should be written in WordPress.
I will supply the domain and hosting for this website.
Phase 2
Get approved By Walmart to use the following API in order to get access to the Walmart catalog:
Increase the API call limit from the default 30,000 calls per day to around 1,500,000 calls per day so I will be able to scan a lot of brands and categories on a daily basis.
Phase 3
Develop a C# .NET code that implements the following Walmart APIs:
1) Search API call:
For performing any search words we want
2) Catalog Product API Call:
For performing catalog search on certain brand & category
3) Product Lookup API Call:
For pulling information about a specific Walmart Item ID
This code delivery should include a C# .NET visual studio demo project that demonstrates the calls to the search API and prints the product information response they return.
There are a few requirements for the C# code:
1) The C# code should be able to analyze and display results of Walmart Items that includes variations with different colors and sizes like shoes.
Here is an example to a product with different colors and sizes we need to be able to pull all its data (All colors and sizes):
2) The C# code should implement and support the pagination in the API responses and print the entire results returned by a particular search call.
The search API documentation states:
"Item results returned by the API are paginated, with upto 25 items displayed per page (using the numItems parameter). It is possible to request more by using the "start" parameter that specifies the first item number in the response. Pagination is limited to the top 1000 items for a particular search. "
So the C# code should be able (and show in the demo) how to take a search query like this one:
which has more then 1000 items in the results and by using a loop in the code and changing the "start" parameter show how the code goes through all the results in this search and prints their information.
The work will be considered as completed after the following is completed:
1) Phase 1 is completed – Walmart approves this Walmart affiliate account as a valid working account after their review.
2) Phase 2 is completed – API call limit is lifted up by walmart from the default 30,000 calls per day to around 1,500,000 per day
2) Phase 3 is completed – the visual studio C# Demo project is presented and I get the source to review it and run it for 2-3 days to confirm it works well
If you believe you can deliver the above requirements, I will be glad to move forward.
In order not to waste your and my time, please apply only if you have experience in this area and can deliver the described requirements.
Budget: $1,000

Posted On: August 30, 2021 17:33 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:.NET Framework, C#, Website Development

Country: Israel

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