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This is our problem.
1. A customer clicks one of our affiliate links: (run by tapfiliate)
2. They are directed to our site:
3. We have “Tapfiliate" script installed in the header of source code which recognizes that the incoming customer was from an affiliate link
4. Customer makes a purchase/booking in the peek pro pop up widget.
5. I have installed tracking code in the AnalyticsTracking section of all booking flows This script is supposed to fire and deliver variables to Tapfiliate such as EMAIL and REVENUE. It does not seem to be firing as tapfiliate is not receiving any information.
I believe we need to use Tapfiliates rest api to make our affiliate conversions track properly.
Posted On: August 30, 2021 18:22 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:PHP, Laravel, SilverStripe CMS, CodeIgniter, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Database, SQL, MySQL, API

Country: United States

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