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my name is Ante Šerlija and I live in country of Croatia where I have a huge experience in gambling industry and I am only 22- years old lad with straticigal and contentfull marketing ideas and plans for the gambling industry.
My first year in this industry started as customer agent where I was in that kind of position to see how to make a brand of the company where their customers chooes to be their loyal players.
In that same department where I worked it allowed me to get a best perspective how that branche of industry is working beucase I was the first interaction with customers and all departments that had any kind of relation with players .
After few months working in that kind of industry my department recived a task to participate into giving some feedback about new web page design and promotion content that will be added for page upgrade. We also were given a chance to make a contrabution by putting ideas of promations content to attract new customers. I got myself inspired for the challenge that was given.
But all ideas that were suggested by me and my coworkers where thrown away with no justified reasone in the moment where we putted two weeks of effort. Beucase the owners of the company changed their minds by not giving permisssions to make contribution of promo content that we made.The explantion of their decision was that they hired a tim of Chez "experts" that were by their words were more qualifadide for that task than our department. Those expert were the reasone of the big dissatisfaction from the customer side and complete disaster of the web page that needed only a few changes to make it almost flawlesss ended as the worst gambling web page ever made where creating a sportsbook ticket was impossible mission and the content of the promotions were so hard to understand that players with very high class of education gave us feedback where they said that the customer with deegre would have to problem to understand their concent.
The web page had so many cardinal mistakes that no positive revive was recived from any player what so ever and lead us to make a complaint book and losing a lot players.
If your company is in this situation or worse dont have a second thought of giving me a chance to show what i got to make your company the brand that will be on the word as the most contentfull gambling site in your area and further beucase the chance to show what i have to offer without writing my skills and the things that i learned through experience beucase then i would t be unique as I am.With giving me a chance maybe just your company brand status got a chance to make a name with my unqieu acces to customers and the promo plans content that will keep any player that gives the chance to see what your company has to offer with my ideas.
I should also say that i have a huge potentional as the person and comunication skill with players which I fond the most impportant part in making of the name of almost any company.
If you and your team are considering of giving me a chance please contat me and make you company name when it s said sounds almost like a fame.
Best regards,
Ante Šerlija
Hourly Range: $25.00-$51.00

Posted On: September 01, 2021 03:09 UTC
Category: Writing Tutoring
Skills:Editing & Proofreading, Academic Writing, Business Writing, Research, Creative Writing, Elementary School, Post College, Middle School, High School, English, English – North America, English – Australia, English – England, Marketing Strategy, Facebook, Content Writing, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Management, Landing Page

Country: Croatia

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