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Gambling Development

Two contestants would submit NFTs to an escrow account until the challenge/bet is complete. The challenge/bet happens off network. Once complete, the two contestants go to a webpage, where they verify identity, one person "concedes", and the 2 NFTs are sent to the "winner" from the escrow account. For example, You and I play a game of basketball in real life or a video game. Before the game, we both submit our most valuable NFT to the escrow account. You win the video game against me. We both go into the website and confirm that you won, and I lost. The website will then send you both NFTs from the escrow account.
— Consultation and evaluation of project
— M.V.P (Minimal Viable Product) for NFT trading card "betting" system with "escrow" account to hold gambled NFTs until the "bet" is complete and payout from "escrow" account (Smart Contracts)
— UI/UX design integration, build **Designs provided **No frontend design needed
— Working prototype for NFT marketplace for auctioning NFTs
Employer Provided:
— Frontend designs
— Site map (attached)
— NFT lifecycle diagram (attached)
— Domain and hosting
— Logos and images if needed
Hourly Range: $35.00-$75.00

Posted On: September 03, 2021 21:10 UTC
Category: Emerging Tech
Skills:Cryptocurrency, Emerging Tech Consultation, ICO, Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain, Ethereum, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Smart Contracts, Blockchain Architecture, Solidity, Blockchain Development

Country: United States

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