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I am looking for someone who can advise me on what curriculum to study. I am overwhelmed with all the courses available on YouTube, Udemy, etc.
About me:
I have 7 years of experience in Growth Marketing. I quit my full time job and now build, buy, and sell niche content websites full time. Essentially I buy websites that are currently making money through affiliate marketing, display ads, digital products; improve them and sell them for more.
I've messed around with HTML/CSS since 2012. I used to take PSD files and convert them to sites all the time. I feel comfortable with the two but have not learned more recent topics like HTML5, CSS Flexbox or anything libraries.
I started studying vanilla JavaScript in 2019 on and off. I was learning it to know enough to manage tags when running paid traffic and not rely on in-house developer turnaround time. I learned DOM Manipulation for Google Tag Manager.
My Current Progress:
Like mentioned above I consider myself a novice in HTML/CSS and a beginner in vanilla JavaScript. I know the basics. I can look at some code and see what is going on, but wouldn't have thought of it myself. I've taken lots of courses on Udemy, YouTube and gotten far in FreeCodeCamp.
What do I need help with?:
I want to learn the skills, and knowledge needed to feel confident buying SAAS based websites. Where their main income is through a developed product. Usually these products are web applications built with HTML/CSS/JS/Node… or even possibly the MERN stack.
I'd like to discuss with you in depth my 1-3 year goals and form a path for me to study. Hearing from an expert like yourself would make me feel congruent I am going down the right path.
I'd also like check ins with you to make sure I am sticking to my study. I'd like to form a long term relationship.
I have mentors in other areas of life and enjoy becoming friends and forming strong bonds.
Hourly Range: $20.00-$60.00

Posted On: September 04, 2021 23:23 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Web Application, API, Node.js, Curriculum Development, Computer Science

Country: United States

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