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I am working on a print on demand business. I have some designs on SPOD print on demand and I think it is integrated to Shopify but I'm not sure.
1. I need to get my SPOD designs integrated to Etsy and Ebay.
2. I need to get my Shopify, Etsy, and Ebay store fronts to look nice and profession.
3. I need help creating separate store fronts on Shopify, Etsy, and Ebay for each of my niches.
4. I need to know what Shopify plan I need. Also I might consider just focusing on Etsy if I cant afford it.
5. I need help getting my sample order.
6. I need links of each of my storefronts so I can put them in my tiktok bio.
7. I need help and information with giving my customers access with the SPOD customize designer. Here is a tutorial on it that I watched I just need more help with it.
Bonus. Help inegrating my spod designs and/or printful designs to amazon would be nice but not required for this project.
Now if you have not heard of spod or not sure what I mean here is the link
and here is there youtube channel
Here is Shopify
Here is Etsy
You will complete this project by doing a zoom meeting with me and I will share my screen with you so you can navigate me through everything. When all 7 of the steps are completed you will have completed the project. We might be able to get all this done in one meeting but it might take us two or three meetings
I understand some of the steps I listed might not be possible but I just need information on possible alteratives.
Budget: $5

Posted On: September 05, 2021 15:41 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:eCommerce Website, Shopify, Etsy Administration

Country: United States

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