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Affiliate Dev

https://figment.so is a Figma plugin that will convert website designs into functional websites with the click of a button.
the LTV of our customers is estimated to be $144-256, at $10-20 per month.
We're looking to partner with some designers to share that revenue with, 50/50. So if you refer 10 people who you created Figma designs for, and they sign up for a Figment.so paid account, you'll be making an extra $50-$100 PER MONTH. refer 10 paid accounts per month and in 12 months the payout will be $600 – $1200 per month.
If you'd like to get some more info, please feel free to message me.
All payments will go through Upwork to remain compliant with their policies, and you can find a more detailed overview of how payments work here: https://figment.so/blog/become-an-affiliate#fiverr-upwork
Budget: $1,000

Posted On: September 08, 2021 22:18 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Figma, Wireframes, Design, Web Design

Country: United States

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