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I’m Adam Jorgensen. I’m a successful entrepreneur and technology industry expert. We recently sold our latest firm and now I run data and analytics for the largest Microsoft Cloud consulting firm in the US. I am working on my first non-technical book. I have published 12 best-selling technical books since 2008, but that is not my focus anymore.
I’m looking to pivot to more leadership and personal/professional development books and eventually share the lessons I've used to build leaders and businesses for the last 20 years and someday more of my personal transformation (in progress) of losing more than 250lbs and becoming an endurance athlete as a hobby.
See LinkedIn for more professional background –
current personal website – just holding the domain –
My target market is middle to senior management/leaders in business. Does not necessarily mean technical leaders, but I have a lot of experience there. My focus is content that helps them be the best version of themselves personally and professionally. I want to focus on growing my email list so I can develop other offerings over time and build on that foundation.
Other features that would be good include:
– Tie into amazon affiliates through product / book recommendations that I share (usually just through links but if there is anything we can do to support then want to discuss).
– Positive references/testimonials – LinkedIn reviews for examples
block of client / affiliated with logos
– Section to highlight speaking and coaching options / schedule consultation / reach my team – calendly
– Book summaries / reading lists – This could be a blog post but I like the way Ali Abdaal has highlighted his..
– Cross post on medium – I am looking to do this but leave the canonical on my site (to grow views)
– Press section – pull in web links and social content over time to highlight my or client successes
Site Inspiration
My two favorites are Ali's and Joel's. I really like Ali's simple layout that feels very functional and easy to navigate without feeling overcrowded. I love the use of white space and the icons, layouts, etc. Simple statements at the top and an engaging photo with a clear CTA.
Joels has a great focus image with similarly clear text and a clear CTA. Creates a powerful impression out of the gate..
Below are some notes on the others.
I'm a big fan of storybrand and we used them to do our last corp site and it was a big hit.
simple straightforward value with single call to action above the fold
Top content right on main page
Great use of white space and icons / images
Simple logo
Clear top nav
Single cta throughout – join email
One sentence tag line
Homepage – simple two option choice with supporting nav at the top
About page – Simple description of Joel and his credentials (although) doesn’t tie to how he helps others 🙁
Eileen grubba .com
strong testimonial quote near fold
Summary of her about on main page
greyscale client logos
Testimonials on main page
Hourly Range: $20.00-$40.00

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