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I'm an experienced developer but I'm looking for someone to build me a side project while I work on my day job.
It will be a product comparison site. Data will be gathered into either Airtable (or similar) or a postgres database. For now data will consist of manual entry, but if you're into automation and scraping it could become extra time (and extra pay of course).
For SEO reasons, I want a combination of static site generator and server side rendering. I decided on Svelte because I think it's more suited for the job than React. I also want to learn it so it will be good for me to read your source code.
Right now the only two options seem to be svelte-kit or elder.js. I expect you to make the choice which one will be better for the job.
Web Core Vitals are crucial. I want a performant site.
Basically this will be a static site generated from data in DB-esque. A lots of Dynamic pages (Product A vs Product B comparison), I don't know if it can be done with just SSG, might need dynamic SSR. Elder.js should be suited for such cases.
The UX is simply a home page, where you show most popular products from a certain category (the whole site is the same category), with an ability to filter the products.
So it's similar to an ecommerce site, where you have a advanced filters on the left, a single product page, comparison between products, and affiliate links to various stores (amazon etc.).
It might be possible to embed the database in the frontend and do the querying there, because there probably aren't going to be thousands of products. But if you think having some sort of backend to do it is better, then it's possible.
Posted On: September 10, 2021 14:49 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:CSS, Node.js, webpack, TypeScript, Static Site Generator

Country: Israel

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