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Product: Q-Tail is a Marketing system that leverages the power of customer word of mouth and referral based marketing.
The product is a QR code affiliate system that allows the customer of a brick and mortar business, to scan their specific QR code, immediately become an affiliate, and send a Q-Pon link to their entire phone contact list through SMS text and Post to the customer’s social media pages.
When one of the customer’s friends clicks the Q-Pon link, they will be linked to that particular customer’s affiliate number. When that friend visits the store and makes purchases, the original customer will earn a percentage of the purchase.
Problem that Q-Tail solves:
1. Small Retail Businesses are usually not experts when it comes to marketing. They usually are bootstrapping with their own money from savings or friends and family. This makes it difficult to hire a quality marketing company or in-house marketing staff.
2. Referrals are usually the best customers and generally spend more money. Q-Tail system will automatically connect to the customer’s mobile phone contact list allowing them to text the Q-pon link to each of their family and friends.
3. This will create a marketing arm that can send a steady flow of new customers to the retail business location.
4. The customer’s who love the business customer service and products become your best sales reps. They can earn a percentage of each sale from their personal referrals.
Hourly Range: $10.00-$20.00

Posted On: September 11, 2021 21:52 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:QR & Barcode Scanner, Affiliate Marketing, iOS, Android

Country: United States

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