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I am not just looking for a website/graphic designer. I am looking for a business partner. I have a great idea for a business that I feel could make us a great amount of money if we just execute it properly. Compensation is based on the business performance. If you are interested, please read EVERYTHING BELOW.
Here is the idea.
It’s hard for people to come up with a good amount of money these days unless you have credit or connections. People tend to go the gambling or lottery route to try to earn money, even though their chances are little to none. I came up with an idea that’s very simple to earn a good amount of money. For $120/year, members will get access to a list of 10 things per month. The list will look something like the following but with different items every month:
1. Get 3 strikes in a row in bowling – $1,000
2. Shoot a half court shot and make it – $2,000
3. Give a homeless person a hundred dollars – $3,000
4. Pay for someone’s groceries – $4,000
5. Watch a full Netflix series without falling asleep – $5,000
6. Run 3 miles – $6,000
7. Buy a pair of shoes for someone in FootLocker – $7,000
8. Tip a waiter/waitress fifty dollars – $8,000
9. Volunteer at a shelter – $9,000
10. Eat a ghost pepper – $10,000
A member can click on the task they would like to do for the amount of money shown. When they click on the task, it will ask them to submit a video of them accomplishing the task. Once they submit, a time stamp receipt will be sent to them showing them the exact date and time they submitted and we will tell them a representative is reviewing their submission for accuracy and legitimacy. The first person to complete a task accurately and legitimately will earn the amount of money shown and it will be direct deposited into their bank account. The task on the list will then be marked as complete and users can click on the completed task and watch the submitted video that won or they can try to complete an uncompleted task. On the first of every month the list restarts with different things.
This is a perfect opportunity for people to earn some extra money by doing simple tasks and it’s simply first come, first serve so anybody could earn money if you complete the task fast enough and every month you have a chance to earn more money than you do in your day job!
No other website has done this so there will be no competition. If we have a great, fun, easy to use, understand website, there will be no reason this will not work.
I am seeking a website designer that can design and maintain the website permanently and in return, each year we receive 12,000 members, you will be compensated $100,000 for the year. This will be in contract.
On the website, users will see a list of ten things that are blurred out and locked and a progress bar showing the amount of members (12,000 members) needed to unlock the site for users to start earning money. Once 12 months ends after the site unlocks, it will lock again and 12,000 members will need to sign up again but the 12,000 members that signed up the previous year will get an option to reinstate for the next year at the end of the year.
I need someone who can pull off this site, including the direct deposit into peoples account once they complete a task. You would have to be knowledgeable in website design, graphic design, logo design, and animation to possibly make a instructional video for the site if you can.
Yes, it is possible, the site won’t work, just like any other business BUT if you take a chance and work on this site until we can make it work, you will be setting yourself up for a $100,000/year salary. If we work together and have consistent communication, we could set ourselves up for long term success.
Let’s be partners and get this going!
Posted On: September 12, 2021 06:47 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Website Development, Web Design

Country: United States

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