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Android / iOS App + Windows / Mac a software to install (.exe) blocking PORNOGRAPHY (with implementing VPN server and passing all traffic through it)
// HERE is our BRIEF, the solution must have :
– A protection against easy uninstalls : admin and accessibility permissions and a delayed unlocker pin code. An unlock digit pin code is sent by email after a delay of waiting. The user can set the duration of the delayed pin code to enable the uninstall button. 12,24, 48 hours of delay or via a request to our live chat. (Maybe you can use Google Cloud Tasks Service ?)
– A protection against workaround/bypass (Prevent VPN Override, burrow traffic and keep VPN alive). Ideally, preset by default without any user actions.
– A web filtering with a DNS Filter, we like NextDNS or Cleanbrowsing and a blacklist (back-end) to add extra urls.
– An uninstall button (protected with the delayed pin code)
– A live Chat API (tidio)
– An easy installation wizard : sign in / sign up with a device naming (ideally login Google and Facebook API). The agreement of the general conditions (pop up).
– A minimalist design with no complex features/settings. Except the basic setting like : Tap on/off to turn the web blocker and a duration setting pin code for uninstall. Less is best.
– Ask once to give a permission in order to configure a VPN connection when clicking on Turn off/on the blocker.
– Ask to give permission to enable device admin and accessibility when the user decides to set up the uninstall delayed pin code. Not during the wizard, the aim is to avoid discouraging the user at an early stage. First, the user can test the web-filter/blocker and see later to set up the uninstall pin code.
– The FAQ and Account (subscribe/plans/enrolled devices) open up a browser windows to our website.(Stripe).
– A custom blocking page with our logo when the web filtering gives a positive result.
– A remote deactivation (back-end): The remote deactivation can be done using a back-end side check. The app asks the back-end for the premium status: trial, premium, canceled, outstanding payment, or maximum devices. A CRM platform would be welcomed. Suggestions and recommendations are welcome
– A limit of 5 devices maximum per licence (all OS combined)
– No impact on the correct operation of the machine (speed and battery) and other applications.
– The development of Android is a top priority.
– iOS is a very restrictive on what we can block. We may decide to develop the iOS app in the future. For iOS, we can give up on uninstall and workaround protection and rather works on a soft reminder to not watch porn or alert a buddy.
– A cross-platform solution with the same core that we can reuse for iOS, Android, and desktop (a single code base) would be great. If not we will accept native development for each OS with its owns way of implementing a VPN. Then please break down your price by OS.
– Once the solution is working smoothly, we request a rebranding (logo/colors) for a second and similar projects against GAMBLING for a minimum cost. (Sort of whitelabel for ourselves from Pornography to gambling)
– People interested in the project must enlighten us in the maintenance of such a solution. What is the cost to maintain such apps working over the time?
– The deadline will be not time sensitive. We can grant relative freedom on this point. Nonetheless, the time frame must sealed before contracting.
– Proposals, suggestions and improvements are welcome! Non-disclosure agreement.
Budget: $25,000

Posted On: September 13, 2021 10:27 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Dagger, Android, iPadOS, Application Security, JavaScript, Firebase, Java, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), iOS, Windows, Phone, Desktop Applications, iOS Development

Country: France

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