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Hi there, I have a new store with 5 products and 5 categories. The template and links are what I want, but would like to make a smaller header and perhaps not a slider…. the current header is huge and pretty unnecessary.
– The website has to much clutter, not clean, minimalist and its distracting to navigate.
– (Apps) – install / connect-product feedback, I chose (loox) but maybe there is some-other you recommend,
Affiliate app open for suggestions/ installation/ fully connected.
Chat app/ icon for quick messaging also open for suggestions.
Website security seal/icon…
– banner and pictures for the categories and favicon.
– upload about and mission! I have them! Would like them in the first page. Maybe mission under all the categories making the homepage cleaner by removing all the sliders and open for suggestions! upload products description I have it. Products do have technical details, which will stay, but below it i would like to add some other details, which I have.
– link yt, fb, Pinterest and ig
– homepage has after $35 free shipping, text is ok, but font, size and place is bad.
– fix the menu bar into the right links
– add email in the header and footer… open for suggestions
– add a section or link for customize body armor/ just a link and a request/ email for customer to reach out.
– add a section or link to request prices on several other products, which is ballistic fibers, which can’t be purchased needs a customize quote by requesting interest.
– improve links as contact us/ become a dealer/ international/ affiliate etc, wherever you see improvements, open for suggestions.
Note: website is not live, i have an ebay store, instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, which can give you some context! Our main product is body armor and secondary ballistic fibers and 3rd tactical gear. .
Overall, a cleaner website straight forward and very easy to navigate with not a lot of distractions.
I mentioned most of the improvements, but always open for apps you find important or improvements on design and content!
Thank you

Posted On: September 13, 2021 00:35 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Shopify Theme, Shopify Plus, Shopify Apps, WordPress, PSD to WordPress, UX Design, UI/UX Prototyping, UX/UI, Web Design, Website Customization, Shopify Templates

Country: United States

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