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Hi, I’m looking to inquire about developing a app that is somewhat social media based where it gives users the ability to post anonymously. The users for this would be marketed towards athletes, so in essence, this app would be a anonymous social media platform for athletes to post about their organizations or schools, and post about other things athletic related all while remaining anonymous.
The idea is similar to this anonymous app;
Example App Link:
Example App Website Link:
…but without the 5 mile radius parameter. It would include a feed of anonymous posts from other users, and post will be labeled “verified” if the post is made within 5 miles of the location such as the university the user claims to be affiliated with or the post will be labeled “unverified” if the post is directed outside of that locations 5mile radius, but still posted in reference to that location.
The difference also would be the platform would be marketed more towards athletes users who play a sport for an organization or some given grade school, university or even some completely different organization like a club or professional team.
This is all raw ideas that have come to me. Nothing has been put in motion yet, I’m just inquiring so I can start making plans to put things in motion.
Budget: $15,000

Posted On: September 17, 2021 00:06 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:Mobile App Development, Android App Development, iOS, iOS Development, iPhone App Development, Social Media Account Integration, Location

Country: United States

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