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We are a year-round Christmas company.
We buy from wholesale seasonal sellers. More and more recently, when we try to create listings on Amazon, for the items we buy, we are getting the 5461 error code for companies/ Brands. The latest Brand was Gerson.
This is making it very difficult to create listings for almost any of the companies we buy from. A lot of these companies are not making their own listings and are happy for us to do it. If we follow the 5461 links to fix the issue, it starts requiring us to get photos of the product, open us a case, and then we might get permission for just a few days, alternatively, if we say we are affiliated with the brand, we have to try to get a letter from the brand saying that we have permission to create their listings. So some companies don't want to do this as it makes them nervous.
We need help us create listings for these brands and a long-term solution or to fully understand what is going on with our account and these brands.
Hourly Range: $25.00-$75.00

Posted On: September 22, 2021 19:00 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Amazon Web Services, Amazon Webstore, Amazon Seller Central

Country: United States

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