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As per the google docs that have been shared:
DevOps Engineer Mandate Overview (Upwork) 2021/09/20
DevOps Engineer Mandate Overview (Upwork) 2021/09/20
User story: As a backend developer, I would like to start building microservices so that it will be easier to scale our application. I would like to have the AWS infrastructure already set up, a code template for microservices and CI/CD pipeline that supports testing and deployment of the microservices. I would like to have documentation as well so I would know how to start building the microservices and also the infrastructure itself documented in case there is a need to modify it in the future.
The infrastructure should be
Cost-efficient – use the pay-as-you-go model, i.e. only pay for when the services are used. (serverless)
Auto-scalable – use services that autoscale up to higher workloads and downscale when not used. (serverless)
Data-consistent – provides a mechanism for managing microservice failures that guarantees data consistency across the microservices (given that the mechanism itself works).
Integrable – works along with the existing infrastructure for what is minimally required.
Testable – provide tests for critical parts such as data consistency to test the case where a microservice goes down and the database cannot be written.
Transparent – the system provides logging and monitoring mechanisms to serve troubleshooting and performance profiling tasks.
Secure – built with the best practices to secure the infrastructure from outside access and include the necessary security policies and permissions for internal access based on the Principle of Least Privilege.
Hourly Range: $50.00

Posted On: September 22, 2021 05:52 UTC
Category: DevOps Engineering
Skills:CI/CD Pipelines, DevOps, Amazon Web Services, Microservices

Country: Singapore

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