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I am looking for someone to help me develop profiles and login/sign-ups for a Webflow website. This website will have a form on the home page that will allow the user to save special events like birthdays onto their profile.
If the user does not have a profile they can still fill out the form and it will take them to "sign up" page after completing the form. After signing up it will take the user to the profile page and the information the user filled out on the homepage form will be displayed on the profile page.
There will then be an option for the user to fill out the form again to add new events. they can also edit the events added before.
If the user is logged in, the form on the homepage will just display "add" instead of "Sign Up".
On the profile page, they can also add items under a wishlist. The items displayed will be affiliate products so you cannot purchase them on the website. They will be displayed as products but to purchase there will be a link to visit the seller.
The data for the saved events will also be linked to Mailchimp which will trigger emails to be sent out reminding the user of the special event that was filled out with the form.
You MUST be fluent in English in order to apply.
Please also let me know the estimated hours you think this will take you. ***you are only developing the profile side of things, Mailchimp integration to send out automated emails with the data from the forms, and only what I described above. Nothing else.
Thank you,
Hourly Range: $20.00-$45.00

Posted On: September 22, 2021 17:28 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Java, Webflow, Website Development, CSS, JavaScript, HTML

Country: Canada

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