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I need a platform created. This is a business loan/development marketplace. We have a network of 40 lenders and 9 financing options for business loans. We have 5 funding options for real estate. Business development services that will be sold as digital products moving forward and affiliate offers for b2b services. I need the front and back end created. An example is
A good example for info on the front end I would like to add for the website design is
Another example is (not my favorite but a marketplace nonetheless)
We would also like an app created.
One of the features I need included is a prequalifying form. So a if then conditional logic form. We already have one I created that is integrated on our website.
Additional features we need include lender matching software. An algorithm to determine which lenders the client qualifies for based on different sets of criteria. We have a network of 40 lenders and 14 financing options
Crm we currently use HubSpot and want it to mimic the features but with more customization Including:
Client portal – they need to be able to upload documents, esign documents, correspond with underwriting and brokers, access affiliate links for our partners etc
Broker portal – deal management, correspond with underwriting and clients, calendar, log calls, access to training etc
Admin portal – control over the portal to make customizations as needed, add/delete users, etc
I need the
Budget: $2,000

Posted On: September 24, 2021 20:20 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development

Country: United States

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