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I run an affiliate marketing business.
I partner with many different advertisers and promote their products and brands (using banner ads) using paid marketing campaigns (PPC). I obtain this data either manually, via API, or a downloadable Datafeed file.
I work with many different publishers, each with their own APIs, which allow for management of my campaigns.
I have to keep on eye on three main things:
(1) new merchants available – I want to create new campaigns any time there is a new merchant available from one of my advertising partners
(2) Pausing merchant campaigns – towards the end of each month, many merchants will 'pause' temporarily because they've hit budget. I need to automate pausing the merchant campaign in the correct publisher platform as soon as I discover a merchant is paused on the advertiser side.
(3) Re-activate merchants that have new budget or are available once again from my clients – this means monitoring clients systems for merchant availability, and then activating the specific merchant campaign in my publishers platforms.
I'm looking for someone who can help me automate the above. This will be a job that needs a lot of work in the beginning to setup and configure, and then once that's done, it will be more maintenance as well as adding any new partners we get.
The holiday shopping season is approaching quickly and I'm looking to get this done by mid-October so that by the time November hits, I'm ready for the busy shopping season. If we get things done sooner than that, that will be even better.
Also – once this particular project is finished, I have another project in the pipeline that involves automation as well, so if this is successful, there will be plenty of work in the future.
Hourly Range: $17.00-$30.00

Posted On: September 28, 2021 12:35 UTC
Category: Scripting & Automation
Skills:Data Extraction, Automation, Scripting, API Integration, Google Sheets, Very Small (1-9 employees), Python, API, Python Script

Country: Croatia

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