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The goal is to be an online portal, internet extension, and possibly a mobile app that allows members to gain access to the goods, services, Lighthouse community centers (future endeavor), and affiliates. Affiliates will be those who are aligned with Lighthouses motto, “Beacon of Excellence” and mantra, “Spread The Light, Be The Lighthouse”.
Initially, I’d like to create a web extension that provides members with the ability to receive exclusive discounts from producing affiliates, that can then be donated, as the users choice, back into the lighthouse eco-system. The initial benefit of the lighthouse membership will provide the user with the tools to access exclusive savings, while generating the flow needed to build the infrastructure for the future Lighthouse Lifestyle Decentralized Community (LLDC). LLDC will eventually be a portal that provides its members with all the assurances that are required for modern living. Those that are attracted to freedom, peace, and truth will have the ability to passively and actively participate in building the future of the LLDC. Eventually, members will create a self-sufficient network that can thrive and create health, wealth and happiness, whole restoring the Earth by being a member of a conscious and aware network. Future development would be to create LLDC Community Centers. They’re members will be able to co-create and inspire each other to live in freedom, peace, and truth.
If you’re someone like me, who believes that freedom, peace, wealth, and happiness can be aided by using technology as a conduit, then please inquire within.
Very Respectfully,
Sean Ogilvie
Budget: $5,000

Posted On: September 28, 2021 20:56 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Browser Extension, Chrome Extension, Website Development, eCommerce Website, Web Application, Web Design

Country: United States

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