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Hello i am looking to get a website built …it must be using the graphical layout the same as the UI at i own this site
as this site will link up to the one you build by buttons and banners etc so the site you build will be like an extension of the main site and appear seamless. but be its own stand alone platform just same UI stye and graphical feel logos etc
the site you build would be a seperate site from the main on its own URL and hosting perhaps a subdomain of the main site it would be an internet radio station and a Blog about the main site. it would need an affiliate marketing system and proper CMS…..i would also like to add a pay per view subscription based digital content system to sell how to tutorials for the main site and other digital education products .
i want to use voscast and virtual DJ as my streaming platform please see below URL to look at voscast
ecommerce using Paypal and stripe gateways
the site needs to be fast and responsive
Posted On: October 02, 2021 04:51 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Web Design, WordPress, Website Development, CSS

Country: United States

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