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Affiliate Dev

The site I run is a site that connects gamers to affiliate marketers. Our users complete tasks given by affiliate marketing platforms (downloading apps, signing up places, etc), and in return they in-game currency in a popular video game which is automatically sent via APIs.
We're currently looking for someone to be our full-stack developer in the long run. Your job will be to implement ideas I come up with and improve the user experience in any way possible. You may also be assigned to work on subsidiary websites that are linked to the main website. You will be expected to design and code the frontend as well as the backend.
Required skills:
-Linux / Nginx
-Git / version control
-Experience in UI design
-Redis / Memcache
-Write "Requirements read" on the top of your proposal.
-Create clean, maintainable code and utilize version control. We need the site to be as configurable as possible and avoid settings being hardcoded. Although it can be easier to take shortcuts to get an update done faster, doing things the longer way so that the code is expandable and less error-prone is more appreciated.
-Willing to learn and contribute ideas, there is a lot of room between the idea and the execution, and any suggestions along the way are greatly appreciated.
-Strong communication is key, we're looking for people that can be transparent about progress or any problems they're experiencing. We're also looking for people that write "Details read" on the top of their proposal.
For reference, I included the site name in the attached document below. I have previous programming experience myself so I'll be able to help you get this website setup on your local computer. Also, this website uses a custom PHP framework for the backend. For pushing updates, we currently use GitHub + Git Actions to push code to our servers.
I look forward to working with you!
Hourly Range: $20.00-$50.00

Posted On: October 03, 2021 00:56 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Redis, Bootstrap, NGINX, Google Analytics, Website Development, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Linux

Country: United States

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