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Hi, I have a CPA affiliate network script from the PROcpascript site and need to expect it made some changes.
The main idea of how I will use it is to provide free affiliate tracking software to the advertisers which I plan to work with from my startup agency.
I need to do some edits there and will provide you details in DM then we will talk about the budget, also you can do suggestions.
The main edits are to check the integrations by pixel, postback, and iframe and set the short docs, UI redesign, and workflow as it will be offered to several partners.
Budget: $100

Posted On: October 04, 2021 14:36 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Database Architecture, API, Database Design, Web Design, Java, Kotlin, Scala, Ruby, SQL, TypeScript, C++, CSS, C#, SQLite, LevelDB, Apache HTTP Server, JavaScript, Website Development, Software Design, PHP, HTML, Python, Desktop Applications, Script

Country: Ukraine

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