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I would like to create a 2-d mobile game, in which my tokens are utilized as payment during the game. During the game both NFTs and different coins may me traded/sold/bought/earned. In this game players will start out as a homeless person on the street with no money in their account. They’re faced with multiple different path reflecting choices, ie. interacting with people- but simple responses, keeping fed and getting enough sleep. I would like to incorporate casinos for gambling, a live area for forum like a restaurant, leveling up for different things, and even being able to get a minimum wage job.
this is the tip of the iceberg as players should be freely able to mix path choices as they go.
We would like an approximate quote on how much this would cost under your care.
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Posted On: October 05, 2021 19:56 UTC
Category: Game Development
Skills:Game Programming, Mobile, Unity, 3D, C++, Unreal Engine, C#, Game Development, Online Multiplayer, Game Art, Senior

Country: Canada

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