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BingeBooks is a US-based startup that makes it easy for readers to discover great books. We want to create a “book reading” hybrid app with a chief focus of enabling people to read book samples as well as other functionality. We’re soliciting bids from talented mobile developers.
Project bids
We want to ensure that the end result is a polished, intuitive, professionally designed app that reflects well on our brand. Our understanding is that it is much more cost-effective to create a hybrid app than a native app for both iOS and Android. So when you give us a cost estimate, please make it a realistic range with as much detail as possible. We entered a maximum project budget of $8,000 US but that is only a rough estimate and the cost may be higher or lower.
We’ll discuss this project with developers or development teams that have a successful track record with other clients and can show us an impressive portfolio of hybrid apps.
We’d like to begin as soon as possible and hope to have a finished app in approximately 10 weeks (before Christmas), though we’re flexible.
Code base
We currently have a responsive website at https://bingebooks.com. Our site is built in php using a Cake framework. Our php developer is aware that a mobile developer will be brought on board to access the code base.
We understand that mobile development can accomplished in a number of ways. We'd like to know what php frameworks would offer the best solution in mobile. We don't want any workarounds or shortcuts (such converting a php web app to mobile with Canvas), we want a truly mobile app that’s customized and optimized for readers.
Functionality & development
We would like the BingeBooks app to do many (but not all) of the things you can do on the bingebooks.com website. Functionalities would include:
• Start reading opening chapters of thousands of books in an optimal reading format.
• Make adjustments to font sizes for easier reading (mobile option as opposed to adjusting browser font size)
• Register with a new user profile or log into the site
• Browse all of our genre and subgenre pages in a pleasing way – including use of the carousels (sliders) on the home page and genre landing pages, but you perhaps there’s a better way than using horizontal carousels on a vertical form factor. We’re a book discovery site so discovering new reads is the main goal here.
• Click retailer buttons to go to the retailer site and purchase the ebook.
• Leave a review, comment or rating on a book page or author page
• Save a book or author to your private My Reads dashboard
• Create and share lists
• Listen to audio samples
• Follow other users
• Heart and bookmark pages
• Conduct searches on the site
• Post to a BingeBooks Group
• Watch videos
But we don’t want an app that does a million things, it needs to do 2 things well: 1) let you read book excerpts; 2) let you find other books you’ll like.
We can discuss some of the features and can remove them if the task is too complex. We have not yet decided if users should have the ability to manage their accounts from the app (on their account page). No in-app purchases, but if a user wants to purchase a book, we'll receive an affiliate fee via the unique url.
During development, we’d like to collaborate with you on a regular basis so that we’re kept in the loop during the development process at key junctures. For instance, is it possible to deploy early versions on xcode simulator for us to review?
We have a Slack account and would like to create a Mobile channel and give you access to it so we can quickly answer development questions.
Other reading apps
There are a number of reading apps on the market, but none with the breadth of functionality we envision. I can’t tell if these are native or hybrid apps (many are likely native). Once we engage your services, please check these out to see what they do well. These include:
• Booksprout https://booksprout.co/author/100/lucy-score
• Book and Main https://bookandmainbites.com/users/lucyscore
• Amazon Kindle
• Google Play Books
• Apple Books
• Bookly (at getbookly.com and https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bookout-reading-made-better/id1085047737?ls=1 )
• Overdrive
• Ebook Reader
• iReader
Audio app
We currently have a BingeBooks Audio app that has launched in the App Store and Google Play Store, but that app and this app will be completely different, and this will be the main BingeBooks app.
If interested in working on this project, *you must provide the following* or your offer will not be considered:
1) Estimated cost
2) Estimated time line (including milestones)
3) Pointers to similar apps you’ve built and your experience level
4) What mobile development code base you plan to use
You can submit project bids here on Upwork and ask questions here.
J.D. Lasica
CXO, BingeBooks
San Francisco
Budget: $8,000

Posted On: October 08, 2021 20:58 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:User Profile Creation, User Authentication, iOS, Android, Phone, Hybrid, Mobile App Development

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