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I have my domain & server all set up. Logo, graphics and custom themes as well. I don't have much time on my hands to finish the site myself so I am looking to hire a professional to create what I am imagining. I am using WordPress. I am looking for custom plugins to match my niche, custom pages, pop-ups, review top-ranking page and all that. Looking to create an online blog / review + rating site for affiliate marketing. I can provide stock images + graphics. I have a few competitor examples.
Please only consider this job if you are a trained professional in this field as I am looking for nothing else but professionalism and creativity. It would also help if you had experience with ADVANCED SEO + KEYWORDS.
Hourly Range: $20.00-$25.00

Posted On: October 09, 2021 17:43 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Web Design, WordPress, Website Development

Country: United States

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