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Affiliate Dev

NFT Marketplace comparable to Opensea, Rarible
Blockchain Requirement: ETH, BNB, Custom Token
Preferred API: Moralis
Custom UI/UX Design (Design will be provided)
Feature Requirements:
Create Listings Users (Creator) and Admin
Minting of NFT (images, clips, music)
Category wise search
Basic Filters
Listing Status
Dashboard & Analytics
Fixed Price Selling
Fiat & Crypto payment
Wallet Integration (MetaMask, Fortmatic, Trustwallet, etc) & Payment Gateway (Third-party Integration)
Bidding & Auctioning (Dutch & English Auction)
Push notification system for users regarding bid changes, new collectables, or listing status.
Content Moderation
Bundle Sale/ Bulk Transfers
Private Listings
Buyer’s Gallery View
Revenue share / Royalty earnings for the original owner / Sell on clause
Referral / Affiliate Programs
Fractional ownership
Other integrations:
Ticketing & Support system integration
Customer service chatbot
Budget: $25,000

Posted On: October 09, 2021 21:07 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:React, MySQL, Website Development, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Node.js, Blockchain, API Integration, MySQL Programming, JavaScript

Country: United States

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