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I need help customizing woodmart theme and woocommerce.
The job is divided into 4 seperate parts, each part pay is $10
Part 1)
1) Make Category menu active on internal category pages just like it is right now on the home page.
2) Remove header image on category pages so it becomes like main page.
(will show example)
3) Product pages should have the same layout as the main page and category pages, with the "browse categories" drop down menu on left.
(will show example)
Part 2:
4) On product hover and on product page there should be 2 links:
Change "Add to Cart" button to "Buy Now" and make it go to product page when clicked.
The demo link should be editable in product settings, so each product "DEMO" button can link to a different external URL that I enter in product page.
There are plugins available for the DEMO button, you probably know about these if you are good with woocommerce.
The BUY NOW and DEMO buttons should be next to each other or on top of each other so they look good.
Part 3:
5) This section is about subscription and setting it up both in woocommerce with plugins perhaps and so it looks good and works on product page and checkout process.
The product page should have 3subscription options with different pricing I set in admin area.
– 12 months
– 24 months
– 36 months
Something easy to understand and good looking, see this example:
(will show example)
I want to the cart the monthly fee to show as well as total on product page, depending on option chosen.
For example:
$19 per month x 36 months = 684
$19 per month x 24 months = 600
$19 per month x 12 months = 468
I want this pricing to be standard for all products.
I have a monthly fee but I'm charging for 12, 24 or 36 months, depending on the option they choose. Then this same option they signed up with will be renewed when the period ends for the subscription with the same term amount.
Part 4:
6) Add-on products during checkout process.
I think we need plugins here for add-on products to choose on product page during checkout. I have an example it has to look good.
I want there to be add-on products as well, when ordering a product during the checkout process.
7) I also need help setting up the product page and the checkout process.
On product page I want there to be 2 options first:

– What is your domain name?
– I will buy a new domain name

Below these there should be a field to enter domain name, if the 2nd option is chosen a set price should appear and also pass on to the shopping cart.
(will show example)
I'd prefer to work with the same person, as each task is completed I want you to move on to the next task.
I need these done as soon as possible (today).
After this job I might need help with more work like stripe payment setup for the above and affiliate plugin setup for the above and so on. So there is more work.
Thank you.
Budget: $10

Posted On: October 31, 2021 12:17 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:WooCommerce, WordPress, Web Programming, eCommerce Website, HTML5, Ecommerce Platform Development

Country: Sweden

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