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Attention Laravel & Raw PHP Experts;
We are a start up company with vast experience in the home based business, direct selling, affiliate marketing, and networking niches. We have been officially incorporated since 2016 in the USA, and have evolved to meet our strategic partners demands and goals with iSuccess, which bridges the gaps between the corporate World & the often disadvantaged home based business entrepreneurs. That's our roots and this platform will be designed to help millions of users Worldwide.
We need a dedicated full stack PHP developer that is experienced with API/OAuth, Design, & Laravel.
Our long term goals are quite ambitious over the next 1-3 years and even crazier over the next 3-5 years, but, we are focusing on the next 1-3 months to get our work from home community membership platform off the ground into beta launch for inner circle testing and beta launch. This project is short term and long term!
Milestone 1:
It's critical we get our existing resources authenticated for single sign on/sign up using AP/OAuth. We have our LMS which is built on Laravel, which is eClass found at codecanyon – visit – , This can built on Laravel and we can start here for the single sign on for the other resources? This will be hosted on our VPS and likely be on subdomain i.e.
We have our open source community social network that is built on raw PHP which the authentication would be added to the LMS. That is –
We actually already did the authentication for this but for our previous LMS, so this needs to be redone for eclass above. This is our core work from home community script and we have the premium version. This would be on our main domain, i.e. domain/user/profile you will need to customize to our free and paid privilege access points.
The only other hosted script we have is also already installed on our shared hosting. This is our affiliate script which is main feature as we pay 30% residual commissions per upgrade. This script is designed to be stand alone and works with any site. We have this installed on shared hosting, i.e. –
These are the 3 hosted scripts, LMS, Social Network, & Affiliate, which needs to be single sign on.
The other main feature of our site is our Video Conferencing w/Custom Premium Dashboard built around Big Blue Button. That is on our sister domain and hosted/maintained by our partners who developed that and we have easy rest-api document for authentication and they will help with this and any other custom integrations we need. This includes love streaming, recording archives, custom meeting invites, etc.
That concludes what we have for user authentication / sign sign up – login
The rest will be custom!
We need membership user management via Laravel. We will have free/paid levels. We use Stripe payments for all upgrades and multivendor payments. We need all the platform sign ups to go to main core members area and not one script. Users must land in custom members area. I have a script built on Laravel we might be able to use for many things –
We will build fully integrated and custom marketing blog for our pro users w/Laravel that integrates our sites features.
We will build a booking appointment system for our pro users so our pro users can have a "book me" tab on their profile.
This is the general starting point.
I hope this helps give you an idea of how we start and proceed. Of course, front end design and flow is critical, so we need Laravel PHP pro and also web design pro.
I attached our sales video and a couple screenshots of our video conference system.
We look forward to a long term relationship and reliable developer who is honest.
We work on the Pacific Time Zone / Las Angeles. I'm your only contact and will be available in my mornings 6-8am PST & 7-9pm PST, but will also be available during other hours when needed as I'm still closing my outside business to make this priority full time by launch date!
We are extremely enthusiastic and believe in having fun! We only work with positive CAN DO attitude and not selfish motivations. If you can make our dream a reality, we will do the same for you.
Hourly Work Post Launch:)
Thanks for looking!
Let me know why you are a good fit!:)
Derek G
President, iSuccess Inc.
Lake Tahoe / USA
Budget: $5,000

Posted On: May 25, 2022 05:47 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:UX/UI, WordPress, PHP, API, Laravel, OAuth, API Integration

Country: United States

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