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Gambling Development

I would like to recreate websites like or
Ideally be done as quick as possible. There are a few developers that have already tendered but would like to see if there are any developers on here that are more skilled.
Designs are complete, implementation in React/Typescript. All you need to do is work on the backend development to ensure everything works, security is 100%, etc.
– Steam API (Login)
– General API of different websites (i.e.
Knowing how to integrate these will definitely boost your shot at getting this job.
I have recorded a video of a quick run through of Hypedrop which is basically what we are looking for.
Here is the video:
Features to be done include:
– Deposit feature: Crypto (eth btc, etc), Card, Skrill etc..
– Sell items: Ability to sell items that appear in your inventory after winning a case battle or opening a case. This will add to your total funds (up top)
– Case unboxing: randomization EOS Mining or any way of randomizing items within case/boxes. This must be PROVABLY FAIR, we must show the algorithm/code used so that even if someone was to check the seed later it will show the outcome of the battle/case opening.
– Case battles where people can battle each other with numerous different cases. They can also battle PVP Bot. This is basically like Case unboxing however a person can add numerous cases to make a 'battle' and it will appear in a list where someone else can join, or the user can simple click 'play with bot'.
Please apply if you are interested and SKILLED in this area. We would like this done as quick as possible – this means that the quicker you can complete the task, the more we are able to increase our budget in paying you (so it is not capped at $3000, if you can complete it surprisingly quick, we can add a few thousand to it – we just need to make sure it all works with heavy testing).
Budget: $3,000

Posted On: July 06, 2022 15:29 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, Database Design, Web Application, API Integration, Database Development, UX & UI, TypeScript, Web Development

Country: Australia

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