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I made my 6 apps in android studio and want to publish them now, but i have no console account.
The apps are simple books applications, not any gambling or unlegal sexual content.
I am looking for private dev console without any suspensions, where only I and owner will publishing the apps.
I'm not looking for bulk publisher which publishing apps for everyone, without basic knowledge about Google terms and then causing terminating own account, so if you uploading apps just for making money, dont anwser to this notice, cause you'll be rejected.
For that i am ready to pay 20$ per every month, so 240$ per year. I am not looking for fresh console account.
Regards Marek.
Budget: $240

Posted On: October 01, 2022 13:06 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:JavaScript, React Native, React, Smartphone, Android Studio, Android App Development, Mobile App Development, Java, Kotlin, iOS

Country: Poland

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