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Me and my team are currently working with a concept for betting on yourself against other players within popular video games such as Dota 2, CS:GO and Fortnite. The bet is placed with cryptocurrency, and the one with for example most kills within a pre-defined time, wins the pot.
As a part of our development phase, we want to conduct a simple market analysis on what kind of similar solutions that are out there, in addition to the market research we have already conducted ourselves. This in order to see whether we have different finds.
I would therefore like to get in touch with someone who has general knowledge of video gaming/esports and betting, as well as methods for conducting precise and well-covered market analyses, providing a full picture of the current market and upcoming initiatives.
What we are looking for:
– A list of market actors and initiatives providing (or wanting to provide) services that offer the possibility to bet on yourself against other players, within video gaming.
– If found, a closer look at the three most relevant actors/initiatives, providing insight into; how the concept works/technology applied, and reviews and market feedback on particularly adoption and user-friendliness.
– A short explanation on where you looked/searched (for example reddit, esports forums, etc) and what kind of key search words you used. Only in brief. The list does only have to include the main key words, and those who provided the most interesting finds (no need to connect finds to the key words).
– A simple text-doc (no design needed) with a list of actors, including their names, one sentence about what they do/their offering in the market, and website-URL.
– A closer look at the top three most relevant actors/initiatives, covering the areas mentioned above, with about 500 words per actor. Only three, if there are three that is of great interest and has close resemblance to what we are developing ourselves.
– Time scope: 2-4 hours
Areas that should be excluded:
– Third-party esports betting. The possibility to bet on other esports players using fiat- or cryptocurrency
– Casino gambling/betting with crypto
– Skins betting at casino portals or at other esports players (third-party betting)
In total the delivery should not be more than 2-3 text pages max (using font 11). If there are not found any relevant actors/initiatives that is a find as well, and of course, no need to write 2-3 pages. That is only an indication of maximum amount of text.
Hearing from you
Hourly Range: $9.00-$35.00

Posted On: October 01, 2022 14:11 UTC
Category: Market Research
Skills:Market Analysis, Market Research, Game Development

Country: Norway

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