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I'm looking to build a marketplace store, where the products are from Shopify stores owned by other people. Ideally, these will be affiliate links, so I receive a percentage of sales I generate. There will also be the need to show the location of the product/store on a map and/or a way to give distance of the store from the buyer's location. The marketplace would likely be built on Shopify, but I am open to other solutions.
I am aware of affiliate apps on Shopify, but those require each store to sign up for those apps and I would have to become their affiliate. However, I would prefer a system whereby the other Shopify store owners sign up on my site, and we list their products on my site as affiliate product links. It is imperative that this be a seamless process, where the shop owners can easily add or remove products without having to manually enter product details again – something as automated as possible. For instance, if they update details or pricing for a product, that should reflect on my store's website as well. I imagine this may require using Shopify's API, XML feeds, etc.
In your response, please provide your detailed idea on how you would go about creating this type of site, and include the words, "I have read your entire message." Without that, I will assume you did not read everything, and will no longer be considered for this job.
Thank you.
Posted On: December 06, 2022 05:07 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:Shopify, Ecommerce Platform Development, Shopify Apps

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