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Affiliate Dev

Im looking for a Clickfunnels 1 expert who will answer some very specific questions about what the platform can and cannot do.
You must be an expert and have in depth experience with clickfunnels and be able to answer the questions completely and accurately.
I want to know:
– is there an inbuilt membership / course platform where we can drip out new modules each month on a recurring subscription?
– is their inbuilt email marketing software so we can email customers through click funnels?
– is there an affiliate centre so people can earn commission on our products and receive payouts and that's managed inside the platform?
– can we add different payments gateways, so some products can use Stripe account 1, and some products can use NMI account 2, (for example?)
– What is the monthly expense for the platform/option that can deliver on those points?
Hourly Range: $13.00-$19.00

Posted On: December 06, 2022 11:08 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development

Country: United Kingdom

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