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HI Guys
My family has a watersports company .
Here is the url or
They book lots of Watersports attractions and I want to be able to
1) Make commissions from booking tours for them
Do does this mean
1) someone Freelancers know how to set up a AFFILIATE program for them ? eg like
and when I promote that site and if someone books from that link of Booking com i get a commission
so i have NO IDEA what it would cost for someone to set it up like any affiliate website like or or any affilate site
2) Or would it be easier if I ask them to give us a API of their website and then I try to get a website like that created and when persons book via the site i created from their API then i get a commission
I dont know and need to consult on what is the easiest and simplest way
1) I get to promote their site and when I book tours for the company i get a commision
( with them being able to see that it was me that did the booking
I wait to consult on someone that kniws what they are talking about to tell me the easiest and most affordable way to get this done
When putting in a proposal i need someone to tell me
1) How this scope of work will be done
2) How long it should take or
3) what cost it should be done for
I can do ZOOM calls from 9am to 9pm EASTERN STANDARD time
Hourly Range: $15.00-$30.00

Posted On: December 09, 2022 01:11 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Business with 1-9 Employees

Country: Cayman Islands

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