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I have an idea that I would like to be developed. My company would like a Chrome extension to be developed that automatically compares prices between different websites. To make an example, lets say that you are looking at AirPods at website X, then the extension automatically scans other online stores located in the same country and if the product is cheaper at another place, the extension will pop up and say ’’This product is cheaper at story Y, click here to get there!’’ and the link that sends the customers will be my personal affiliate link. Thats the basic idea, does it sounds interesting and doable for you we could schedule a meeting for more information. The software/extension will first be launched in Sweden so that’s the only country needed at the moment, in the future it will expand into different countries as well. And the sites the extension need to search is also limited, around 15-25 different stores. What do you think, does it sounds doable?
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Oscar T.
Posted On: February 05, 2023 19:29 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Stripe, AWS Lambda, RESTful Architecture, Prospect List, Google Chrome Extension, Vue.js, API Development, React, List Building, JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js, Automation, LinkedIn Plugin

Country: Sweden

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