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Affiliate Dev

for the full website design, setup, integrations $350.
For integrations [woocommerce, quickbooks and goshippo] only $150.00
A simple one product website, will be aprox 5 to 8 pages, Home Page Shop Research Contact Us Blog Account Cart FAQ and the terms etc pages.
WIll be a supplement so cant use shopify. Will use word press and woo commerece. Quickbooks online and goHippo.
WordPress and WooCommerce seem to be a bit slow So only apply to use wordcommerce if have portfolio or actual very speedy sites
Functionality needed,
1. Order processing, My merchant payment integration (they said they have a api or whatever is needed https://www.cardknox.com/ecommerce-payments/),
2. subscribe and save / recurring orders.
3. WooCommerce orders sync to QuickBooks orders,
4. from quickbooks orders need to sync and create orders in goShippo so can ship from goshippo,
5. after shipping from goshippo Tracking info should sync back to update quickbooks invoices and sale receipts, shipping expense should go into a expense account and billing to a costumer,
6. Contact Email setup,
7. Blog,
8. Affiliate Prog,
9 wholesale Accounts probably email based or somehow – (so when a wholesaler logs in he get discounted pricing and free shipping based on the wholesale category),
10 offline and call orders back end entering,
11. coupons,
email newsletter list, and costumer feedback on product.
Possible order on amazon button / amazon pay.
Must be mobile / tablet friendly as well.
Connecting Quickbooks and goshippo should not be using apps like zapier, just their open API to setup once.
Would be responsible to set it ALL up. Currently only have domain and hosting by bluehost purchased.
Functionality should be setup first meaning order processing, payments, shipping and QB integration. So company can start accepting orders ASAP.
Then design and detail pages to launch site to public.
Design must be classy, pro neat and clean.
Will provide company logo and icon.
possible continues job as site manager if happy for on going changes etc.
ONLY APPLY WITH PORFOLIO with active live website to be checked out.
Must be avial on phone to talk 'English''
Must start to work right away, and show integration capabilities before hiring. Design and site will be second.
Budget: $150

Posted On: February 06, 2023 02:00 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:WordPress, WooCommerce, API Integration, Intuit QuickBooks, API Development, API

Country: United States

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